Once in a while, its good to talk a walk off the main topic. Its not just talking about how to earn money online, lets also explore our little world of creativity! Now this is undeniably worth looking at. Watch your ribs-Don’t say I never warned you!


My house was full of corpses!

This is how it started:

I was outside chit chatting with my friends. We were teasing Tracy on how chubbier she’d gotten over the holiday. She kept denying it, looking at the mirror, gurgling air then loosing it. Giggles. More giggles. I had enough of that, so I left the girls for an evening nap. “People” say that afternoon naps make someone prettier- a sleeping beauty. Anyway, that’s merely consoling myself for being lazy and not setting my hands to do a better task.

I noticed that I’d placed my “WELCOME” doormat upside down but was too lazy to adjust it. I was halfway through the door when something caught my attention. I had left the fish on the table and wasn’t done scaling it. I lazily picked the knife up and resumed the scaling.

You know how people curve their names on a…

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