Earning Money Online-the Truth behind it

Some years ago, I stumbled across an online blog which had a list of sites where freelancers could earn money. Previously, I had heard from some friends that such sites were nothing more of a scam. Well, am always a risk taker. I don’t always hear and believe; sometimes I love experiencing myself and retell from my own perspective.

Sure enough, the truth was unveiled. All those sites were nothing more of a scam! I would be shown how I had earned thousands of dollars, but the tricky part emerged when I tried to withdraw the money. There was no withdraw Option. I would later be lured to participate in surveys to get my money released, but I never got a dime. Later on, I came to learn that those websites were just looking for ways to gain more traffic and collect user information (through the surveys) which they later sell to other companies (such as those involved in ads).

With this experience, I embarked on a long journey to find legit ways through which a freelancer can earn money online. I tried more sites, inquired from friends, researched and consulted various experts until I was able to get some solid information. I learnt of the major ways through which a freelancer can easily earn money online, without being scammed. I have tested more than 90% of the methods and techniques discussed in this blog, and can thus assure you of truthful content that you can trust. Among the methods discussed includes academic writing, article writing and transcription. These are just a few examples and I will be expounding on more after I try them out.

I hate seeing many newbies and upcoming freelancers getting scammed to a point that they lose interest in online earning even before they pocket a single dime. Due to the current era of information explosion, there is so much information available on the internet, making it hard to establish which is credible and reliable. As a result, many upcoming freelancers have fallen prey of the scammers and got themselves driving traffic to their sites for free. Ever seen those WhatsApp messages prompting you to forward the message to a certain number of people or groups so as to unlock a certain feature? Or maybe you have come across a website that prompts you to share a certain link with people so as to get a certain software (especially a FB/WhatsApp hacking software)? If you followed those steps, am sure you never got what they promised. Reason? They did not have it! They were just luring you into driving traffic to their website. Having been a victim in the past, I decided to create this blog and share with the others to ensure they don’t fall prey as well.

There are thousands ¬†services you can offer online and get some dollars into your account. You don’t have to fill surveys or share unnecessary links for this! Just follow my posts and learn one thing or two. And who knows, tomorrow you might be the new millionaire in the town! Through online earning!


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